About the Process

Internships lay the foundation for your future career. As a SkillQatar intern, you’re connected with some of the world’s leading industry innovators for paid – yes, paid– internships. You’ll be challenged academically and professionally, and we’ll give you the tools to rise to the occasion.

As a SkillQatar intern, you’ll have access to our dedicated team of trainers, mentors, and recruiters, all of whom are here to connect you with your greatest goals for success. 82% of our graduating college seniors accept a job with their sponsoring company, and they’re already moving up the payscale when they sign that first offer.

To get started, submit your completed application, you’ll be contacted by a staff representative who will communicate with you and be your first-line contact for any questions you have. You’ll move through some training and orientation materials, get matched with a mentor, and get connected with some of the top paid internships available in your field.

We provide training for qatar's top 4 industries